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Basketball bungee inflatable amusement jumping castle amusement ride hire.This is a game more than an amusement ride. The Bungee challenge is fantastic for parties, but also great at festivals, fairs and fetes. 4 contestants are connected back to back by 2 bungee cords. Each person has a ball and tries to get the ball into the basket in their corner. The fun starts because the contestant on the other end of the bungee is trying just as hard to pull in the opposite direction to score a point. The player who scores the most points wins the game. This game is fun for both players and spectators.

Suitable age
Adults and children

Area required
10m X 7m X 5m

Power required
House Power (240v 10 amp)
Basketball Bungee challange inflatable amusement jumping castle ride for hire based in Melbourne, geelong and suburbs victoria. All your amusement entertainment for hire rides.