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The Dunk Tank is great for any event, and fantastic fun for everyone. Dunk tanks consist of a large tank of water with a metal support frame over which a seat is suspended. There is a fence like protector around the seat which protects the person sitting on the seat from being injured by stray balls missing the target. The poor victim climbs onto the collapsible seat, knowing that their fate is sealed! Participants will then throw tennis balls at the target area knowing that one successful and accurate shot will mean that the seat will drop, and the victim will be well and truly dunked.
Dunk tank rental is great for charity fund raisers, school events, corporate family fun days and work incentive events. It can either be used as a bit of fun at the end of the school year, or when you have achieved a particularly challenging work target, or to raise money for charity by charging people a small fee for the chance to dunk someone. You could put your boss on (if you can persuade him!), or a favourite (or not so favourite!) teacher, or maybe even a local celebrity who is game for a laugh for the right charity?
Dunk tank hire is also popular as entertainment in pubs and clubs across Melbourne Victoria. Normally centred on a stage as the focal point of an evenings entertainment, revellers can volunteer themselves or their friends for a soaking in the dunk tank, either for a prize or just for the fun of it! Or we can even supply one of our models to brighten up the evening, and provide a fun and entertaining night!
We will need access to a water supply to fill up the dunking tank, and hire includes all safety equipment, full instruction from our professionally trained staff and comprehensive public liability insurance.

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