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The Whirly Bird Ride is a fast and exciting ride for all ages. Up to four riders pull the handle bars in front of them and the ride speeds up. The faster the rider pulls the handle bars, the faster the ride will spin.
On this 4 person wild amusement ride, passengers are strapped in and brace themselves in their race car seats and cruise round and round, faster and faster. Speed controlled by the rider with a pump style joystick! Hang on for dear life !! No electrical power needed here… Just good old human power to run the whirly bird ride. The faster you pump the faster the ride goes. See how strong you are and if you have the stamina to keep up the spinning of the ride. Burn some calories and have fun at the same time.

Suitable age
All ages.

Area required
10m X 10m X 3m


Sun / rain cover

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